Cremation Options

When choosing an animal cremation provider in East Texas, it’s critical to feel confident in their philosophy as a business. We are dedicated to providing peace of mind and confidence for our clients. Our pet cremation procedure involves the following steps:

This is a 3 – 5 day process at minimum. We neither rush nor skip steps. Any crematory that reports a quicker turn-around time has not instituted the proper measures to guarantee that each animal is returned to its correct owner and that the cremains have not been co-mingled with the cremains of another pet. Our existing volume of business and the lead-times associated with the cremation process make quicker turn-around times improbable.

We guarantee that you will receive your pet’s cremains. We have been asked by some of our clients for “next day” service – we do not accommodate these requests as the cremation process and obligations to other clients we serve make this turn-around time impossible. Our reputation of over 120 years rests on our procedures and processes, allowing us to confidently guarantee that each pet is cremated with care and returned to his or her rightful owner – without compromise.


Memorial Cremation

Your pet is respectfully cremated, and the ashes are scattered by our staff.

Private Cremation

Your beloved pet is picked up by our staff and cremated privately. The ashes are returned to you in our Grapevine urn. You may upgrade to an urn of your choice if you choose.

Engraving - $25.00 per line ~ Paw Prints - $25.00 ~ Other custom designs/requests – priced on request

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