Compassionate Pet Cremation Services for Pet Owners in East Texas

If you have lost your beloved animal friend, you may experience overwhelming emotion and great difficulty in moving on with your life. While coming to terms with their passing, you may be left wondering how best to honor your most loyal, loving companion and their memory. At East Texas Pet Crematory, we know the importance of celebrating a life well-lived.

As pet aftercare professionals, our pet cremation services are designed with pet owners in mind. We treat each and every pet with uncompromising dignity and compassion, and their owners with the sensitivity and patience required to help them through such a difficult time in their lives. By providing options for pet owners to say goodbye to their animal companions, we know we are doing our part for our community and take great pride in our role as pet cremation specialists in East Texas.

As a subsidiary of the Boren-Conner Funeral Home, our crematory specialists are the same professionals who operate our human crematory facility. The animal and human crematories are completely separate from one another. Thus, we adhere to a strict code of ethics and customer service that ensure the task is handled with the utmost respect and accountability. Whether you want to scatter your pets ashes in a meaningful way or keep their ashes in a beautiful urn, we will work closely with you to accommodate your needs and respect your wishes.

If you are a pet owner in East Texas and want to learn more about the services and staff at East Texas Pet Crematory, we invite you to reach out to us today.

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